At Maimana restaurant, we are proud to offer the finest afghan cuisine with the freshest ingredients possible. Our chef and kitchen staff are dedicated to preparing all our dishes with the discipline, love and appreciation for the quality our customers have come to expect.


  • Shish Kabab $13.50

    Shish Kabab $13.50

    2 Skewers of marinated & seasoned lean ground beef.

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  • Beef Masala Burger $7.95 -Combo $10.95

    Beef Masala Burger $7.95 -Combo $10.95

    All our burgers are served on a bun with lettuce, tomato and onion. Our combo burgers include French fries or…

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  • Chicken Breast Kabab $14.50

    Chicken Breast Kabab $14.50

    1 skewer of marinated & seasoned boneless chicken breast.

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  • Chicken Tandoori Kabab $14.50

    Chicken Tandoori Kabab $14.50

    1 skewer of boneless chicken thigh marinated in Tandoori masala.

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  • Beef Tikka Kabab $15.50

    Beef Tikka Kabab $15.50

    1 skewer of marinated and seasoned fine cut beef.

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  • Firnee $3.95

    Firnee $3.95

    A light silky pudding of milk flavoured with cardamon & topped with walnuts.

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  • Waziri Breast Kabab $15.95

    Waziri Breast Kabab $15.95

    Combination of chicken & shish kabab skewers.

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  • House Doogh -Single $2.95 -Pitcher $7.25

    House Doogh -Single $2.95 -Pitcher $7.25

    Soft drink made with yogurt, mint & water.

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  • Waziri Tandoori Kabab $15.95

    Waziri Tandoori Kabab $15.95

    Combination of chicken & shish kabab skewers.

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