About us

Maimana is the capital of Faryab province in northern Afghanistan. The city is also known as one of important regional centers of Afghan culinary tradition.

At Maimana Naan & Kabab, we are trying to refresh the same tradition, by incorporating the herbs and spices of India, Iran, Greece, and Afghanistan through an exotic blend of taste and aroma.

We believe food tells a story. One sight one scent, one taste, one bite, and it can evoke a whole world of memory and experience. Food not only unites us, but also helps overcome differences and distances. These are the principals that guide us. Through food we relate and celebrate the story and sprit of Afghan culture.

What we do


Our approach is simple. We try to bring a traditional cuisine with authentic and distinctive flavor from northern Afghanistan. more

Chef’s secrets


There is no secret in what we do here in Maimana restaurant. For us, it is all about flavorful food.Our food is always made from scratch with no preservatives or artificial flavors. more