Don't discount this unassuming restaurant because it's sandwiched between a nail salon and a Subway. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought myself, had it not come highly recommended by a fellow Yelper.

I don't live in Ajax so it's unlikely for me to notice new and exciting restaurants to try but after receiving the recommendation, I added it to my 'to do' list and finally found myself here last night for dinner.

The restaurant seats nearly 30 people and although I reckon they have a large 'take-out' customer base, it was really nice to be able to just sit and enjoy our dinner. We settled on Shish Kabab and Chicken Tandoori Kabab but were also fortunate enough to try the Mantoo.

If you haven't tried Mantoo before, which I hadn't myself, I highly recommend giving it a go. In layman's terms it's dumplings filled with ground beef and onions served with the most delicious seasoned yogurt. It was light but satisfying and I'm sure I would be happy to just dine on that alone for dinner. The yogurt it was served with was incredible and, with manners simply forgotten, I used my naan to soak the rest of it up! Not a drop was to be wasted.

Each of the Kabab dishes were served with rice, a small dish of yogurt, salad and naan. The meat was so tender and cooked to perfection! Everything about our dishes was fantastic... from the salad to the naan.

There's something special about Afghan rice that I have never been able to replicate at home so when the owner came to check on us I engaged him in conversation with hope that he might reveal his secrets.

Halfway through the rice cooking instructions I suspected I was being led on a wild goose chase to which the moral of the story would end up being, it's just easier to come here for dinner where the works already been done!

I tend to agree.

When we had finished our meal I was left with an odd feeling that I just couldn't put my finger on... and then it hit me. I truly felt as though I should be in a larger restaurant, one where I would've had to have made reservations. The presentation and taste of the food was unlike any other 'fast food' joint.

They certainly take pride in what they do and they value their customers. Make no mistake, it shows.

Adele W., http://www.yelp.ca/biz/maimana-naan-and-kabab-ajax

I was first introduced to this establishment in December of 2013 and was impressed with everything.
My only problem is that I live in Calgary. Whenever I get to the GTA and get together with family in Ajax we always go here.
Excellent food and awesome people that own this restaurant always make you feel welcome.


FrankSzabo, http://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowUserReviews-g499247-d4752221-r239856242-Maimana_Naan_Kabab_Restaurant-Ajax_Ontario.html#REVIEWS

Do not let the one snobby review keep you from this excellent restaurant!

I have frequented this restaurant since it was opened by the two brothers around two years ago. If you like middle eastern food and even if you do not, this is a place to try some succulent dishes.

It is a take out and sit in. Unbelievable value and they take pride in what they do.

If your a vegetarian you should try out their eggplant, even the meat-eaters will love it!

Their tandoori chicken is great either as a dish or a wrap. Then also offer lamb and other dishes.

They also have a wonderful slant on a burger, middle eastern style.

Any of their appetizers will make you crave more such as their sambosa (almost like a samosa)!

Their Naan is very good, both plain or garlic. If your a true foodie you will understand that naan is made different ways and some are thick and some are thin. Their naan is made fresh in the oven and always fresh and delicious.

My biggest complaint is they give me too much food in their main meals because of the rice, meat, naan and wonderful salad. I challenge anyone to find a finer meal for the price.

If your adventurous you will try the drink, Doogh from middle east, also known as Ayran in Turkey and Lassi from India.

If you claim to be a true food connoisseur you will know that this is a drink made of yogourt and mint, (nothing remotely close to soda pop). It is salty as it is yogourt and usually not served chilled. Not the favourite of any child unless you grew up with it.


GerBet C, http://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowUserReviews-g499247-d4752221-r259020187-Maimana_Naan_Kabab_Restaurant-Ajax_Ontario.html#CHECK_RATES_CONT

I've tried nearly everything they offer and it has all been incredible. You just can't go wrong by eating there! The Tandoori Chicken is probably my favourite thing on the menu as it is seriously the most juicy chicken I have ever had, full of flavour too. The lamb is also fantastic and cooked to perfection. On top of the great food the owners are great too, always very friendly and always keen on making sure you enjoyed your experience at their restaurant. What brings this place over the top however is how fresh everything is. There is no food sitting around waiting to be served, it is all made fresh to order. Would recommend this place to anyone for sure.

ramosc55, http://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowUserReviews-g499247-d4752221-r263506485-Maimana_Naan_Kabab_Restaurant-Ajax_Ontario.html#REVIEWS